Wise Words Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

Almost every building contains an air conditioning unit. It does not take much to heat up a confined space, and an efficient air conditioner is the only way to make that space a comfortable temperature in the warmer months.HVACrepair

As a homeowner (or any owner of any building), it is your responsibility to keep all parts of it, including the air conditioning, in good condition. Here at Air Advice Heating & Cooling, we’d like to help you with this endeavor by sharing some things about air conditioning repair that are good for you to know.

What to Know

  • The single most important thing to know about getting repairs for your unit is that, in most cases, you can avoid it. Scheduling regular maintenance service for your unit will keep it running efficiently, consequently keeping your energy bill low. When a unit breaks down and needs repair, it is often because something has been wrong for a while. Parts wear down during use and eventually can no longer do their job. During a maintenance service call, parts are inspected and replaced if necessary. We recommend getting the service done before the hot season to ensure that the unit will not break down when you need it most.
  • You should be careful about who you allow to repair your air conditioning. Do not try to fix it yourself if you have no experience working on one, as you can simply make things worse and may even injure yourself in the process. Of course, there are a few simple things you can check for yourself: Does a dirty filter need changing? Is the thermostat set incorrectly? Does a tripped circuit breaker need resetting? For more than these basic problems, it’s best to leave repairs to professionals.
  • Pay close attention to how your air conditioner works. If you notice any change at all, you should call us for a repair right away. The longer you leave a broken air conditioner running, the more damage there will be to the unit. The repairs will likely be less costly if you get them done as soon as possible. Call us for repair if you notice the following signs:
  • A leak
  • Any unusual noise, such as rattling or whining
  • A change in how quickly the unit cools the building
  • A change in how efficiently the unit cools the building
  • A unit that will not turn on
  • A unit that turns off when it should not
  • Anything different or unusual happening that worries you

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