Getting Your Air Conditioning System Ready for This Summer

Nothing is worse than having your air conditioning unit malfunction during a hot, humid Florida summer. Fortunately, you can avoid this discomfort and frustration by doing a few maintenance tasks in preparation for the peak summer repair air conditioner

Filter Replacement

Filters should be checked and replaced once a month. Unfortunately, filter replacement is one simple task that is easy to overlook. However, a dirty air filter not only makes it difficult for air to flow through the unit, it can cause eventual damage to your system and keep your air conditioner from running efficiently.

Clear Debris

It’s also important to check the unit outside and make sure it’s not covered with debris like leaves and trash. This debris can be easily sucked into the unit and make it hard for the fan to work properly. You can easily clean the outside unit with a hose. In addition, clear the area around the unit of branches and shrubs. It’s best to have a 2 foot area around the air conditioner to ensure unobstructed air flow.

Check Ducts

The ducts and registers of your home should be checked as well. This can help solve simple problems like obstructed air flow from rugs or furniture that are over the registers. You may also want to take off the covers and make sure nothing has fallen down the vents that you can retrieve. Although it’s difficult to check the interior of the ducts, you can examine the exterior of the ductwork in the attic or basement for any holes or corrosion.

Professional Inspection

It’s a good idea to have a professional clean your ductwork to ensure good air flow. In addition to this, your air conditioning system should be inspected by a professional in the spring to make sure every component is working properly. These inspections help small problems be resolved quickly before they become more serious, causing damage and malfunction. Regular inspections also keep your system running at top efficiency so that you can stay cool this summer without spending more on energy bills.

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