Preventative Maintenance

A PM is an affordable way to keep your unit at its peek performance. Seasonal inspections will keep your cooling and heating equipment energy efficient and reliable which will help to reduce your power bill. This is a one year worry free agreement between you, the valued customer and us, Air Advice.

AC work

  1. Entails an extensive system check which includes two seasonal visits per year.
  2. 10% discount on labor and parts.
  3. Extends life expectancy on your cooling and heating system.
  4. No overtime charges 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  5. We are a drug free workplace. All technicians are friendly, neat, clean cut, and courteous.
  6. Service is provided the same day.
  7. PM’s are transferable to new home owners if home sale occurs during agreement which makes your home more marketable.
  8. All technicians are trained and certified for all makes and models and work at the highest standards to provide you with the absolute best service.
  9. Prevents inconvenience and costly repairs that could have been avoided. The majority of emergency service calls are the results of not having regular maintenance on equipment.
  10. Peace of mind, which is priceless!

A/C services Orange Park, FL* Refrigerant charge
* Clean out drain line
* Light cleaning on condensing unit coils
* Light cleaning on evaporator coils
* For possible refrigerant leaks
* Test compacitors & relays
* Voltage & amp draw to all motors
* Temperature at return & supply at air handler
* Belts & adjust tension
* Evaporator sub-cool & superheat
* All wire connections
* Calibrate thermostat
* Check all safety controls
* Air movement in home
* Level of condensing unit
* Suction line for insulation
* Schrader valves & caps
* Suction pressures
* Liquid pressures
* Contactors
* Compressor amps
* Oil motors
* Defrost Board
* Accumulator
* Sequencer
* Float safety switch
* Supply plenium

Another way of saying it we check the system inside and out.

Air Advice AC Service Florida

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Repair or Maintenance


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